Nevertheless, She Persisted

2017 has been a hard one for new ideas. My brain is bogged down in the political and moral fights the year has wrought. But creating in such a space also allows for the combination of art and politics. A while back, I created a chalkboard for Gather featuring the words of Mitch McConnell regarding Elizabeth Warren. I truly never thought I would make art of anything McConnell said, but here we are!

I love how this board turned out. It might be my favorite design to date.

In my mind, I could see the design going further, so I digitized it. I placed the photo of the chalkboard into Photoshop and used my Wacom tablet to trace my lettering and a rough outline of the silhouette. Then I used different brushes around the silhouette to get a rough, paint-like look. I put the whole thing on a blue watercolor background, and ta-da!

Gather will soon have two print sizes (8 x 10 and 11 x 17), stickers, and postcards, so be sure to stop by their shop on the square in Bloomington to check it out!

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